Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully our T&C before making a booking.

1. If these terms and conditions, as set out below, conflict with the conditions and house-rules published on any commercial website (such as HomeAway or VRBO), our terms and conditions, as set out below, apply at all times.

2. Reservation of our villa is accepted directly with us via e-mail or through our own website: www.glenbrookresortvilla.com. Reservation can also be done through any commercial website where our villa is advertised, under the condition that this commercial website supports this feature.
3. Booking of our villa directly with us, is only final it we have confirmed the booking via e-mail.
If the booking is an instant booking via HomeAway or any HomeAway related website (such as instant booking via HomeAway or VRBO) the traveler will receive an e-mail from HomeAway to confirm the booking.
4. By booking our villa the traveler confirms to have read the terms as set out below and agree to these terms and conditions.
If the booking is an instant booking via HomeAway or any HomeAway related website (such as instant booking via HomeAway or VRBO), or any other commercial website where our property is advertised, the traveler confirms acceptance of our Terms and Conditions set out below and confirms the house rules that are published on HomeAway.
5. Shortly after we have received an enquiry we will send an offer or a quote. If a booking form is received we will send the rental agreement or invoice.
As long as we do not receive a response or acceptance of the offer we have the right to offer our villa to other travelers without notifying you. The booking shall be confirmed to the customer who is first to accept the offer. We do not hold or block dates in advance.
6. After your acceptance of the offer we will send you a confirmation and an invoice. We will temporary reserve your time period in the availability calendar. Each booking is definitely confirmed, directly after receipt of a signed copy of the invoice and receipt of the initial payment. A confirmation per e-mail will be send shortly after receipt of the initial deposit. Once we have definitely confirmed the booking, the named person on the booking form is responsible for the total rental price of the property, as agreed on the invoice.
7. The remaining balance must be paid utmost 6 weeks prior to the arrival date. prior to the arrival date submitted on the booking agreement. If the full balance of the rental cost is not paid as in accordance with these booking conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and cancellation penalties will apply.
8. It is the renter's responsibility to inform us of any change of email address, failure to respond to final payment reminders could result in loss of reservation and deposit.

9. At time of booking a deposit is required (initial payment of 30%) of the rental price, to be paid within 3 days. Payment of this deposit will secure the reservation.
If the booking is made via HomeAway the initial deposit is 25% of the total costs.
10. If you are reserving our villa within 6 weeks of the arrival date the total reservation amount is due to secure the booking. The total amount for the rental will automatically become non-refundable. The full balance must be paid immediately at time of booking.
11. If a booking is made via HomeAway or any HomeAway related website, the HomeAway-payments-service will charge the traveler a service fee. We, the owners, cannot waive this service fee as the online booking-process is completely controlled by HomeAway.

Security deposit.
12. The security/damage deposit is a standard charge and will be fully refundable if no damage has arisen during your stay. The sending of the booking form confirms your acceptance to pay for any damage of any kind caused by your occupancy of the property.
13. The cost of repairs and/or replacements will be deducted from the security/damage deposit prior to the return of the balance, in case the traveler or someone in his group can be count responsible. Damaged or lost items that are not reported to our management will be deducted from the security deposit at all times, even it the guest cannot be blamed for the damage.
14. It is a condition of booking that you authorize the owners of Glenbrookresortvilla to debit the security/damage deposit for the cost of repairs, replacement or extra cleaning for all damage, breakage and/or loss incurred during his/her stay. In the event of damage to the premises, its equipment, furniture or carpeting you, the renter, shall be responsible for damage. Costs exceeding the security deposit, including collection costs and attorney's fees will be the renter's responsibility. Documentation & Photographic evidence detailing damages and charges will be provided to the guest upon request
15. In the event of any excess damage of any kind, excessive cleaning costs by our management company or excessive use of electricity (caused by leaving external doors open with the air conditioning on) the named person on the booking form will be held responsible for all additional costs which exceed the security/damage deposit.
16. The security/damage deposit will be returned within 2 weeks after your departure, as soon as our Management Company has inspected the house and reported no damage. Our local management company checks the home before the guest's arrival and immediately after departure and will advise us of any faults. This may include additional cleaning costs for removal of stains due to spillage and removal of excessive waist that was not placed at curbside on collection days. The security deposit will be refunded via the same payment method used by you to pay the security deposit, (check, bank transfer, credit-card or PayPal), and is subject to any charges or fees levied by external companies e.g. PayPal or bank charges etc.

Property issues.
17. Upon arrival in our villa, if you find any issues relating to our villa, you must immediately notify our local property manager. If there is any issue whilst staying in the villa you should immediately notify the Company of any problems relating to the Property. A copy of this notification should be e-mailed to the owner. Our local property manager will reasonably endeavour to fix the problems, All complaints filed after the departure date will not be considered.

Balance payment
18. Not later than 6 weeks prior to the arrival date the full balance, including optional items and the security deposit must be paid. In case of a booking within 6 weeks prior to arrival the full balance and security deposit must be paid immediately at time of booking to secure the booking.
19. Directly upon receipt of full payment, not later than two weeks before the arrival date, we will send detailed information and instructions about driving directions to our villa, address of the villa, key-code for the front door of the villa, phone number, username and password to login to the guest area on our website and contact details of our Management Company. In the villa is a general information guide/user manual to ensure an enjoyable and trouble free.

Cancellation policy
20. You are advised of taking out adequate travel insurance for all members of your party. For most reasons beyond your control cancellations will be covered by your Travel insurance.
21. Cancellation can only be accepted by e-mail, or a signed letter, send by post, fax or e-mail.
22. In the event of cancellation, the following charges apply:
a) Cancellation from time of booking up to 6 weeks prior to arrival date: No refund of the initial deposit. The signatory will not be liable to pay the full balance. In some cases the initial deposit can be transferred to another date.
b) Cancellation from 6 weeks prior to the arrival date: No refund of the initial deposit and 100% rental charge of the remaining balance. The signatory is liable to pay the full balance and payments made will not be refunded.
c) If we, the owners, are successful in re letting the property for the exact same reservation period and for the same price, the full balance or the part balance of the final invoice will be refunded.
23. We, the owners, reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled if we do not receive the balance by the due date. Failure to respond to final payment notices and telephone messages will result in the cancellation of your reservation. To reinstate your reservation there will be a US$ 100.00 charge for administration and it's based on availability. This becomes applicable if we have no correspondence with the lead name
24. In the unlikely event that circumstances beyond our control necessitate cancellation of the booking, we will refund any monies paid to you. Refunds are without interest, compensation or consequential loss of any kind.
25. When a booking is made via HomeAway, and the traveler needs to cancel the booking, the HomeAway-service-fee will not be refunded. We, the owners cannot do anything about this, as it is part of the HomeAway policy and terms. See HomeAway for more information.

26. The applicant and all other persons stated on the booking form are responsible for the care of the property and are expected to take reasonable care of it as if it would be their own house. This includes the locking of all doors, topping up of pool water (as required), the use of the pool cover by night in case you have pool heating and closing all curtains and blinds whenever the property is unoccupied.
27. Guests using our villa are responsible for all damage and missing inventory items or loss occurring during their stay and the cost of repair/replacement - please note that guest liability in this respect is not limited to the security deposit amount
28. Further information about use of utensils, air-conditioning, appliances, pool heat, spa/jacuzzi, trash removal, etc. is provided in the general information guide. It is the guest's responsibility to notify the management company immediately of any sudden equipment failure.

Smoking/Pets/ Use of candlelight's/lamp oil/bbq
29. For the safety and comfort of all our guests smoking is not permitted inside the property. Smoking is allowed outside on the pool deck and patio. Use of ashtray is required.
30. There is a strictly enforced no-pets-policy.
31. In the event that neutralization of smoke odors from cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other smoking materials is required, or in the event that burn marks from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other smoking materials are detected, the cost for elimination of those odors or repair of the burn marks will be deducted from the security deposit. This includes, but is not limited to, burn marks on the pool-deck/patio.
32. For the safety and comfort of all our guests use of candlelight's and lamp oil is strictly prohibited inside the property and on the pool-deck/patio. Removing candle stains spoiled on the pool-deck or patio deck will be deducted from the security deposit.
33. The BBQ must be used outside and must always be used with the provided splatter mat. Charges will apply for cleaning of the Pool Deck. Guests will be held responsible for all damage resulting from misuse of the BBQ. The BBQ must also be cleaned prior to your departure or charges will automatically be applied to security/damage deposit.

34. Our villa is fully licensed for short-term rentals in Florida. The maximum occupancy in our villa is 8 guests (adults, teens & children). The four bedrooms have room for 8 guests. There are two foldable cribs for a little child/baby.
35. Due to Florida state law regulations all persons occupying the property must be listed on the booking form or on the invoice, including small children.
36. It is a condition of booking that the maximum number of occupants does not exceed the total amount our property can accommodate. Violation of this condition will result in the immediate removal of the property with no refund.
37. The villa cannot be shared or sub-let. Only the persons that are listed on the booking form are permitted to stay in the property. Failure to comply will render the booking void and no compensation will be paid.
38. Parties, weddings and events are strictly prohibited, unless prior permission has been approved by the owner or our local property manager. Violation of this rule can lead to eviction from the property with no refund
39. We cannot accept all male/female parties or parties of guests who are under the age of 25.

Check in and check out time
40. On the day of arrival, the villa will be available for occupancy from 4.00.PM. Check out time on the day of departure is promptly 10.00.AM.
41. An earlier check in time or later check out time is only permitted if we, the owners, have been informed prior to the date of arrival and have agreed to it.

42. It is highly recommended of taking out adequate travel insurance for all members of your party. Ensure travel insurance carries adequate protection against delays and cancellations, and has adequate medical insurance for the USA, and for your luggage and personal belongings.
43. We, the owners and our management company, do not accept liability for death, any personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal belongings however sustained by any member of your party or by any persons entering the home during your rental period
44. The use of all accommodations and amenities in our villa and those in and around the Glenbrook Clubhouse (including the pool) is entirely at the user's own risk. Children must be supervised by responsible adults at all times when using the pool.
45. Particularly with children the guest must make sure that the provided safety-fence around the pool is erected, to keep children safe. The owners and the management company accept no responsibility for death or injury if the guest has removed the safety fence, or left the safety fence open.
46. Glass or crockery is not permitted within the pool area.
47. Diving is prohibited. The pool is 6ft deep at the deep end, however, it is not designed for diving as this activity is dangerous. Guests must also take care, and avoid running on wet surfaces, as the tiles inside the villa can be very slippery when wet.
48. The owners or management company cannot accept any liability for any loss of rental time due to travel problem, flight delays or cancellations, industrial disputes or any events outside our control, including any form of Force Majeure.
49. The owners and the management company cannot accept responsibility for the sudden failure of villa equipment, but will take immediate reasonable action to rectify any such failure upon notification by the guests.
50. The owners or the management company cannot accept liability if the pool heater cannot reach optimum temperature due to adverse cold weather conditions.
51. It is the guest's responsibility to exercise a duty of care at all times and party leaders should ensure that all their party follow all the comprehensive operational and safety instructions relating to the use of facilities and equipment, familiarize themselves with the fire procedure displayed in the home and confirm all persons using the home are adequately covered by appropriate personal accident/injury/public liability insurance.

Pool & Spa
52. The pool and spa/jacuzzi are heated by the same unit. The pool is heated by solar whole year round.
53. Additional electric pool heated and spa heating at extra costs is recommend in winter from October to April, as solar heating will not be sufficient to warm-up the pool water.
54. The pool is cleaned and chemically balanced every week for your safety and comfort; however, on rare occasions it may be necessary to apply extra chemicals to the pool to maintain safe and correct chemical levels. Should this occur during your stay it will be necessary for you to be out of the pool for a period of 12-24 hours for safety reasons. Although the pool is regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained, it may be affected by dust, dirt or insects -particularly during and after heavy rain and bad weather. A net is provided to remove the dirt out of the pool.
55. If you order electric pool heating from check in (we cannot turn pool heating on for you whilst the property is occupied by other guests) it will be turned on between 11 am - 4pm on your day of arrival. Depending on weather conditions the pool can take some hours to reach optimum temperature.
If you have requested electric pool heating and the weather is warm you will pay for ordered pool heating as this will have been turned on in advance of your arrival and no refunds will be given in these circumstances. Please note that neither the Management Company nor ourselves accept responsibility for loss of pool heating or lighting facilities other than as mentioned.
56. If you have ordered pool heat, you understand that should the temperature drop below 55 degrees the pool heater may shut off. You understand that if this occurs there are no refunds. We have no control over the weather and cannot be held responsible for the pool heater not being able to reach optimum temperatures due to the weather.
57. Refunds for pool heat will only be provided if the pool heater is physically broken and verified by the local management company. However every situation is different and the applicant may request the owner for a (partial) refund of the extra costs of pool heating. The owner and the management company will examine the issue and decide if a request must be granted.
In the unlikely event the pool heating breaks down during your stay we will either provide the owed day(s) pool heating at a later time or if this proves impossible you will be refunded the unused portion of pool heating cost upon your return.
58. Pool/Spa heating will be pre-set to the correct temperature on arrival to approx. 84-87 Fahrenheit for the pool and approx. 95-98 Fahrenheit for the Spa. Depending on weather temperatures it can take 35 to 50 minutes for the Spa to reach optimum temperature. The traveler agrees not to set the temperature any higher than this as it could cause damage to the heating mechanism, and any such damage will be deducted from the security deposit.
59. During the cooler months when electric pool heating has been ordered, a pool cover (blanket) is provided o conserve the heat in the pool. The cover must on the pool (roll down from the reel, bubble side down in the water) when it is not in use, especially at night, this will ensure that the water temperature is maintained. Leaving the pool uncovered overnight will result in the pool being cold the following day and it will take several hours extra to reach optimum temperature again. We, the owners are not responsible for cold pool water when the traveler does not use the pool-cover. Not using the pool-cover can lead to excessive use of electricity, as the heater needs to run significant more hours to warm up the pool water. Excessive use of electricity can be deducted from the security/damage deposit.
60. The pool alarms located on the patio doors are set to the ON position and the alarm is sounded whenever the door is opened, this is a safety measure to prevent young children straying into the pool area. Florida law requires these alarms be on at all times. .
61. The pool Safety fence must be kept erected at all times for the safety of children.
It is not permitted to allow unsupervised children to use the pool or spa. Items such as clothes, toys etc. must not be left in the spa.

Code of Conduct
62. Glenbrook Resort is a residential community. In the event that any member of your party behaves in a way that is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any other guests staying of living in other properties in Glenbrook Resort or damage to any property, we and our management company reserve the right to terminate your rental agreement immediately. Please do not play loud music or engage in any activity, which may cause inconvenience to your neighbors after 10.30pm or before 07.30am.
63. The owners or our management company will not be liable for any costs you will incur, nor shall we pay any compensation, nor make any refunds due to this action.

64. The enjoyment of your vacation, and your satisfaction with the villa is paramount to us. Please contact our local management company if you experience any problems at all. Every effort will be made to assist but if the problem is not resolved you must report to us immediately. All complaints must be supported in writing or emailed within seven days and we cannot be responsible for complaints received after this period. A full investigation will be carried out and you will be notified as soon as possible. Should you be dissatisfied with our own booking procedure or administration please let us know immediately. Every effort will be made in an endeavor to improve our service.

Owners Access
65. The owners or our management company shall be allowed access at any reasonable time during your stay, if this is necessary to solve a problem. This includes weekly maintaining of the pool. In case the guests are not present the management will never enter the house without the guests approval, unless the situation is urgent and the management must enter the house to solve the issue. If this occurs the management shall notify the guest afterwards via phone or e-mail.

Force Majeure
66. In case of "force majeure" your booking may need to be terminated prior to the scheduled conclusion of your booking, this is unlikely to occur, although if the situation arises we will not be able to offer refunds,
Your Travel Insurance may cover you for these events.
67. The owner or the management company accept no responsibility whatsoever and no compensation or any other payment will be made if any cancellation or change to the terms of the booking becomes necessary due to war or threat of war, riots, civil commotion, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, flood, adverse weather conditions (i.e. Hurricanes), building or construction in progress within the community, technical problems with transportation, closure or congestion of airports, alterations or cancellation of schedules by carriers, or any other events beyond our control.

68. This conduct is subject to and shall be construed solely in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands and all parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch and U.S Courts. If the Dutch Court is not admissible, the jurisdiction of the US-court, i.e. Florida-Court, applies.
69. Should any term of these Terms and Conditions be found to be invalid then the parties agree that such event shall not invalidate the entire agreement between us.

These Terms & Condition are subject to change without notice.

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